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How to Properly Take Care of Your Teeth

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is not only very significant in preventing cavities and gum disease, but extremely important to overall good health.

As we age and experience many different health conditions, oral hygiene sometimes drops in importance.  For years our parents routinely told us to brush and floss, but oral care dwindles in many cases as other life issues come up.  One of the first things that people notice about you is your mouth, and its care is an essential part of overall excellent health.

Dr. Eric Van Sluyters is a Peoria Family Dentist that has some important tips on proper dental care.

Using the right brush for the mouth is an essential first step for proper dental care.  Make sure the brush is the right size for your mouth and comfortable in your hand.  Glendale Family Dentistry recommends softer bristles, brushing for at least 2 minutes and if you can three times a day.  Dividing your mouth into four (4) sections and concentrating on 30 seconds for each section is an easy way to get your 2 minutes in.  Whether your brush of choice is electric or a regular, always remember to make an up and down, circular motion.  Strokes going side to side can cause scrapes along the gum line.  Try to get those hard to reach areas in between teeth that can cause the most problems.  When visiting Dr. Van Sluyters’; he and his team will point out the areas in your mouth that may need special attention.

Peoria Family Dentistry also suggests using a fluoride tooth paste which helps strengthen tooth enamel, kill bacteria, and removes plaque.  With such a wide variety of toothpaste available, ask your dentist for a recommendation.

As important as brushing; flossing your teeth removes food particles between teeth that toothbrush bristles cannot reach; along with helping to remove plaque build-up and bacteria.  Flossing should always be done before brushing with a gentle motion along the curve of each tooth.

A fluoride based mouth wash helps to destroy bacteria with a quick 30 second swish in your mouth and is an optional treatment in oral hygiene care.

Having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year is highly recommended at Peoria Family Dentistry.  Dr. Van Sluyters’ excels in not only a thorough professional cleaning, but also in explaining proper procedures in caring for your teeth and gums.  He will point out areas of concern and available ways to treat these areas.  The Doctor is always present to go over any area brought to his attention.

Good oral hygiene is as important as regular doctor visits, proper nutrition and exercise!  Making it a part of your daily schedule will help maintain good health and overall well-being.

It is never too early to teach your kids the proper way to take care of their mouths.  As soon as they get teeth, children can start coming to Dr. Van Sluyters with their parents.  This serves as a low stress introduction to the dental office routine.  Glendale Family Dentistry prides themselves in teaching good oral care for the entire family.

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